Professional Data Recovery

Modern Enterprise Storage devices are complex systems, evolved far beyond traditional RAID units. Thin provisioning, speed tiering, rebalancing, snapshots, advanced file systems - all of those useful features add extra layers of storage virtualisation and exponentially increase the difficulty of data recovery.
The ability to recover data from failed Enterprise Storage devices requires special tools and significant efforts in R&D and reverse-engineering.
DigiLab was formed with an idea of using the exceptional talents and skills of its founders to assist Data Recovery companies with recovery of the most difficult cases. Our small team has more than 75 years of Data Recovery and R&D experience combined. We invest heavily in research and reverse-engineering, and create custom tools and solutions for our clients.

DigiLab provides in-lab, remote, and on-site assistance.

SAN Storage

SAN Recovery

SAN (Storage Area Network) systems are the back-bone of modern storage infrastructure. This technology offers the most advanced features and flexibility, but it comes with the price of increased complexity, making this area the front line of the data recovery industry. Extensive research and reverse-engineering are required to develop unique tools for each SAN system brand.

The list of supported SAN models:
Ceph BlueStore
Dell Compellent
Dell EqualLogic
Dell PowerVault (3-Series and 4-Series)
EMC Centera
EMC Clariion
HPE MSA 2040 / 2050
HPE LeftHand
HPE Store Virtual
IBM DS3500 Series
IBM StorWize Series
Microsoft WSS
NetApp (E-Series and FAS-Series)
Synology SAN

If your device is not on the list, we can work on a custom solution.

NAS Storage

NAS Recovery

NAS (Network-Attached Storage) technology is approaching its 40-year anniversary, but it is still used in the majority of file sharing systems and home networks. On the enterprise level NAS is usually built on top of SAN, often running as an app on SAN storage devices.

We support all simple NAS platforms and more sophisticated appliances, such as Drobo, Netapp, QNAP, and Synology.

Virtual Machines Recovery

Server apps and virtualization

Any data recovery is good as long as you can produce usable working data. This becomes even more important with critical applications like SQL databases, mail systems, and virtual machines.
Digilab has a set of proprietary tools which allows assembly and repair of such critical files, even when file system metadata is corrupted, or part of the data is lost.

RAID Storage Recovery

RAID Recovery

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) units are the bricks from which all storage systems are built. In order to repair a SAN, NAS, or Server, the RAID has to be checked, repaired, and properly assembled first.
We support all types of RAIDs from RAID0 to RAID60, including RAID6 versions with diagonal XOR parity used in Dell EqualLogic, EMC VNX, and NetApp.

HDD Recovery

HDD/SSD Recovery

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) media is the actual place where all the data is stored. Before a RAID or Disk Pool can be assembled, the underlying HDDs and SSDs need to be checked and repaired. DigiLab has developed a set of unique hardware and software tools for HDD repair and keeps investing in this direction.
We support more HDD models than any other publicly available solution, especially for HDD drives used in enterprise storage.

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